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Our team is made by students of two outstanding catalan Universities: the Industrial Engineering School of the Polithecnic University of Catalunya (ETSEIB-UPC) and the Industrial Design School of Barcelona (ELISAVA). These unite the worlds of Design and Engineering, a strength that differentiates us from the other teams.  We came together to participate in the first edition of the Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, a European competition of Universities which consists of the design and construction of an urban electric bike.


Project by:

Alex Casabò (ELISAVA) • Humbert Claramunt (ELISAVA) • Joan de la Torre (ETSEIB) • Sergio Fernandez (ETSEIB) • Guillermo Fernandez-Goula (ETSEIB) • Ignasi Genis (ETSEIB) • Jorge Laucirica (ETSEIB) • Anton Òdena (ELISAVA) • Pau Romagosa (ELISAVA) • Juan Sagnier (ETSEIB) • Luis Sanfelices (ETSEIB) • Antonio Tornos (ETSEIB) • Edgard Vilaseca (ETSEIB) • David Tutusaus • Roger Ribas


3D Modeling


Àlex Casabò

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